White Mansion offers a wide range of essential services for our valued guests. Please choose a service on below, or on the right hand side menu, for more details of each service offered.

24/7 Security

White Mansion has security personnels keeping the place, and the customers safe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can be sure that your stay at White Mansion will be safe and worry free.

For over 6 years, there has not been any security related problems at White Mansion, and the security steps we take, steps that we continue to improve on, will maintain our apartment SAFE and SOUND.

On top of the round the clock security, The White Mansion apartment is well fenced with moderately high walls and strong steal gates.

So when in Davao City, consider White Mansion one of the safest apartments in Davao.


Food Menu (currently not available)

Breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner, White Mansion has an extensive list of food it can serve you. White Mansion is one of the only apartments in Davao that serves both European, as well as Filipino cuisine. The food we serve is guaranteed to be clean, fresh, and absolutely delicious!

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